Uncover The secret to a strong godly marriage!
Marriage is a beautiful thing, until it stops feeling that way.
Without the skills of how to resolve your issues, marriage can easily feel overwhelming, ridiculously stressful and a killer to your peace of mind. 

Yes, you try to fix it, but when your attempts are ineffective, get rejected or even backfire it can easily lead to feelings of helplessness, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety and even embarrassment that you don’t know how to make marriage work. 

There is no need to feel embarrassed because you are not alone. 

Marriage is hard, no matter how many years of “experience” you have. 

My name is Dr. Alduan Tartt. I’m a psychologist, professional speaker, minister and husband and father of two myself with over twenty years of experience of working with relationships, marriages and families. 

I know what it feels like to sit first hand with couples in distress who want to desperately fix their marriage but feel alone, ill-equipped, under-trained to fix it. The problems just seem so big. You need a trusted guide to help you to give you skills, new tools, and a plan for fixing your marriage. I'm here to help! 
The Fix Your Marriage System Covers
  • Building Block 1: Maintaining Friendship & Connection
  •  Building Block 2: Improving Emotional Intimacy
  •  Building Block 3: Improving Conversational Communication
  •  Building Block 4: Developing a Positive Perspective
  •  Building Block 5: Managing Conflict
  •  Building Block 6: Building a Power Couple
  •  Building Block 7: Sustaining a Power Couple 
BMWK Marital Guides - 8 Powerful eBooks to cover your marriage! [Value: $160]

Books include:
Moving Beyond the Pain
Overcoming Infidelity
Financial Intimacy
Submission In Your Marriage
Unpacking Your Baggage
Achieving Marital Peace
Office Hours w/ Dr. Tartt (6 Months) - Get answers to your questions! [Value: Priceless]

Each month you'll get access to a special, private, one hour call with Dr. Tartt only available to members of the Fix My Marriage System. Hear transparent questions and answers to help you resolve issues in your marriage immediately! This is your chance to get help with the course and/or your marriage.
ONLINE TRAINING: 15 Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Couples Training [Value: $150]

This special training is not available for purchase. The only time you'll see it, is with the Fix My Marriage System. This training will take you from a boring bedroom to excitement and passion. 
Husband and Wife Prayer Reminder Bracelets [Value: Priceless]

These natural stone beaded bracelets with crosses will serve as a daily reminder to pray for and with your spouse as you move through your busy day. 

Commit to wear them daily as an outward and inward expression of your faith and spiritual commitment to your marriage. 

A deeper prayer life leeds to a deeper marriage that moves you both closer to God's design for your lives. 

You'll love these! 
Prayer for Our Marriage [Value: Priceless]

You'll have a daily reminder to pray for your spouse that you can apply to your bathroom mirror so it's the first thing you see each day. 

It's removable and won't stick or leave any residue. 

Commit to pray for your spouse each day with this prayer for your marriage! 
The Fix My Marriage Masterclass gives you a clear and concise plan to follow
You’ll get actual PDFs and techniques to use that will guide you step by step through each building block for having a healthy, happy, vibrant Godly marriage. 

The Fix My Marriage System works with your schedule
You can watch the course on your own time and can watch from anywhere (as long as you have an active internet connection). Also, you have lifetime access to these videos and are able to watch them as many times as you would like. This gives you time to study the scriptures and do the exercises to improve your marriage each week.

The Fix My Marriage System is affordable
We’re offering you the option to break up your investment into payment plans to make this training more attainable than ever.

The Fix My Marriage System is risk-free
You have a full 7 days to go through the program, and if it’s not right for you just shoot us an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase. 

The Fix My Marriage System will work for almost any motivated couple
However, it is not intended for unmotivated couples who are not yet ready for change. We all have a choice to live in dysfunction until we are ready for change.
If You're Ready to...
Improve Poor Communication
Improve inconsistent quality time (even with a family and demanding jobs)
Improve conflict resolution skills
Reverse toxic negativity and insecurity
Improve emotional intimacy and trust via enhanced communication
Work together as a team to build life dreams
Maintain your legacy through various phases and trials of marriage
Dr. Alduan Tartt
P.S. This special introductory pricing with bonuses is only available for a limited time. This is my way of giving back to couples just like you. All that I ask, is for you to send me your thoughts on the course upon completion, because I know the results will be outstanding! I want to make sure this course serves you in the best way possible! 
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